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Friends, in today’s article we are going to see What is VI App? Full Review of VI App in Hindi When you must have heard this name for the first time, then the question must have come in your mind that what is VI? As we all know that there are many different sim card companies in our country and all the people of our country use sim card of different companies and these companies try to reach their sim card to as many people as possible. Keeps using new methods.

In the same way, two different companies have united and they have launched their own new SIM card named VI. VI App Full Review We are going to see other information about VI like what is VI Full Form, how to download VI App, how to recharge with VI App and other information related to VI App through this article we are going to see. So if you also use VI SIM then definitely read this article completely.

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What is VI App

VI App is the managing application of Vodafone and Idea, so that you can manage your VI’s SIM card, as we know that Vodafone and Idea were earlier two different companies, which have become one in the past. And both of them together launched a SIM card which was named VI. VI placed.

VI App With the help of this you can manage your SIM card i.e. your number, you can see the information like Data balance, Validity, Mobile Number etc. Along with this you can also recharge your VI number with the help of VI App. Like Wali application, in VI application also you are given cashback on recharge.

VI Full Form

VI full form is Vodafone Idea In which “V” means Vodafone and “I” means Idea and VI SIM has been created by combining the first letter of these two.

About VI App & Download VI App

About VI App

Application Name VI App
Download Size 37 MB
Downloads 50 Million
Version 9.2.0
Offered By Vodafone Idea Ltd.
Released On 14 Mar 2013
Source – Google Play Store

Friends, if we talk about the size of VI App, then the size of this application is 37 MB, which you can use in any smartphone, VI App has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store, which is a huge figure. You can estimate the popularity of this application by the number of downloads and the number of users of VI, if you also use VI sim and want to download this application, then you have been given a download button below that You can download this application by clicking on the button.

Click on the button below to download the VI™ App.

How to Create Account in VI App

Friends, creating an account in VI App is very easy, for this you just have to do 3 to 4 steps, if you do not know how to create an account in VI App, then all the information about it has been given to you in detail, follow that information step by step. Do.

Step 1- To create an account in VI App, you have to first download the VI application on your mobile phone and open the VI application.

Step 2- After opening the application, the option to enter the mobile number will come in front of you, you have to enter your ten digit mobile number there.

Step 3- After entering the mobile number, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number that you had entered, you have to enter that OTP in that box and next.

Step 4- After entering OTP, your VI account will be activated after that you can use VI application.

Note- You must have VI SIM card to use VI application.

How to recharge with VI App

Steps :

1. For this, you have to first open your VI application, after opening the home page of VI application will open in front of you, where you will see a recharge option on the second number below, you have to click on it.

2. After that you have to enter your mobile number in the top box and below you have to select your plan i.e. with which plan you want to recharge.

3. After selecting the plan, you have to select the payment method i.e. from which app you want to make the payment.

4. After selecting payment, you have to click on recharge.

VI App Features In Hindi

1. Manage Multiple Profiles With One App

You must have seen that there are many such applications in which you are allowed to create only one account, but if you use VI App, then you can use them by creating multiple accounts in VI App, ie if you have VI If you have two to three SIM cards, then you can know their status by creating separate accounts for all those SIM cards.

2. Get Personalized Notifications For App Exclusive Offers

You must have used many other recharging applications, in which you get information about which offers are going on your number only after opening the app, but in VI App, you have been given many times better features than this. There is no need to open the application to know about the offers of your number, whenever there is a good offer on your number, a message is sent to you from VI App so that you get to know about the offer and You can take advantage of that offer.

3. Simplified View Of Your Account On Dashboard

You must have seen many applications whose dashboard is very difficult to understand, for example we can see the Phonepe application, many people face many difficulties in using the Phonepe application but this is not the case in VI App. The dashboard is very easy to understand and anyone can use this application with great ease. This is one of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of the VI application.

4. Easy recharges & bill payment

As we all know that people are giving more importance to online banking, people do almost all the work sitting at home from their mobile, such as online shopping, paying electricity bill, recharging mobile, all these types of work are done by people sitting at home. Doing this because it saves the time of the people and they do not need to go anywhere, in VI App also you have been given all these facilities so that you can recharge your number, do online shopping, electricity bill can fill.


What is the full form of VI?

VI full form is Vodafone & Idea

Can I recharge my mobile with VI App?

Yes, you can recharge mobile using VI application.

Can I create account in VI App with SIM card other than VI?

No. To create account in VI application, you must have VI SIM. You cannot create account in VI application with another company’s SIM card.

Can I earn money from VI App?

Yes, there are many such ways in VI App, with the help of which you can earn money, for example Refer and Earn.

How to do online shopping with VI App?

In VI application you have been given an independent store for shopping from where you can shop online.

Can I make bill payment using VI App?

Yes, you can pay all types of bills from VI application.

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so guys it was What is VI App And VI App Full Review I hope that you have got complete information about VI App like how to create account in VI App, how to recharge with Vi App, features of VI App, you must have got all such information and I hope I do that you must have liked this article, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends so that they can also know about VI App.

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